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Entry #6

Merry Christmas everyone!

2014-12-25 15:43:19 by VideoGameManiac

So its this time of the year again huh? 

I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout the 2 years I have been on this site, Im really grateful!

So thank you! 

As a gift to any of you I made this new song to celebrate Christmas even more! Whoohoo!

Merry Chrismas everyone!


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2015-04-23 09:23:17

I'm looking at your new pic and I'm like.

We should totally get married, no need for pesky dating & geting to know each other. ;)

I am also like... Dayum girl got 18 and she suddently uploads herself. Are you a christian? :)

VideoGameManiac responds:

Dont take this as an offense if you are religious pls but I dont care nor do I believe in religion. :P
Oh I have been 18 for a decade in fact Im turning 19 on the 5th of May. So you better get me that REAL diamond ring if you wanna get married xd


2015-04-23 10:49:40

Me neither, but I have some christian relatives and I know that christian ppl have strict household.
Maybe the last time I checked your age was one year ago, because I believed that you were 16-17 all this time. xD

Diamonds eh. I happen to have one 100% legit. Just don't squeeze it too much, it might deform alittle. :)

VideoGameManiac responds:

Then its not 100% legit :P. No problem, a robot will do it too.