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2014-02-02 09:29:28 by VideoGameManiac

Just a little question, since my sound card is a bit messed up I wanted to know if some of my songs have low quality or volume so I can fix it a bit, ty and another little update I might work on my first album this year, oh god this is exciting!


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2014-02-02 14:23:18

I have located only one issue with your sound and it is in your latest creation.... Omg I listened to it mere second ago and... Tale of Zondra or something.

The bass in the kick is very deep, slightly compresing everything else behind. The kick itself sounds like a mud full of bass. :D The snare on the other hand is very silent, almost barely noticeable.
Audio and quality levels of the rest of the composition sound just like your other stuff, therefore seem to be alright.

(Updated ) VideoGameManiac responds:

Oh haha for that song I actually did it on purpose I lowered the kicks frequency to fit the moody style a bit more, I think it sounds better than a normal plucked kick, the snare is not a big deal since I rarely used it or maybe you are confusing it with the hats? xd I will adjust it a little bit, thanks for the information Deshman :D


2014-02-03 02:02:51

Looking forward to the album. I'm curious how it will be :)

VideoGameManiac responds:

Thanks! Me too haha