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Video Game Remix

2013-08-14 15:48:58 by VideoGameManiac

Hey guys, if you want me to remix a video game music you can make all your suggestions here, thanks !


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2013-08-15 02:58:10

I have a suggestion: Illusion of Gaia - In The Earthen Womb

This song is very popular.

VideoGameManiac responds:

thats a nice track, I 'll give it a try once I have finished my other remix, thanks!


2013-08-18 08:30:12

Anything from kingdom hearts. Just pick your favorite Kingdom Hearts (non disney, if you please) theme out of a hat and go to town. Though I'd prefer Traverse Town.


2013-10-24 15:33:46

do you wanna do this one: Splatterhouse - The Saint Comes Walking In
i think it's awesome... oh... and this one too: Splatterhouse - Requiem of Captain Mozzarella

VideoGameManiac responds:

Sounds fun, you just have to be patient tho since Im busy with a lot of projects


2013-11-10 13:13:51

Keep up the great music :)