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Entry #1

New Music Every 2 Weeks!

2013-05-16 04:36:59 by VideoGameManiac

This will be my goal, stay tuned :D


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2013-08-03 04:24:01

It's good to have goals, even with the creative stuff! Your scores should be a bit higher, but I guess listening to ambient by itself, and not while playing a video game (like an RPG or background music for a map or pause screen), kinda throws things off.

I found this recently from a big internet rating firm... we're #3 on this particular list :) iety/Subcultures

VideoGameManiac responds:

Well I dont really think so I mean, if you really like some kind of music why should you always listen to it when playing a game? :P


2013-08-03 15:46:33

Mood music? People have moods for certain things, and old school RPG's generally have slow, gentle music, which is hard sell to the crowd here, which is male, 13-21 y/o.

Heh, I knew I was stretching my case... you're pretty much correct. Maybe more daring compositions would help? Something to stick in the brain, long after you've heard it....

VideoGameManiac responds:

So you mean something like changing style? Well as you already know you cant make every single person happy with what you create theres always someone who doesnt like certain things and if you try to change it just to please that person, the other person who previously liked your stuff ends up not liking the new stuff you do xd. My goal is just to make music in my style for the ones who like to listen to them. I could care less about the ones who dont xd. Did you check out my new submission? Its a bit different than the other ones but still keeping my style, I think to turned out pretty well :D